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About Elto

Elto helps to connect small business owners to the best web developers and marketers from all around the world.

We curate all of the suppliers in our marketplace through skills testing, reference checks and feedback ratings to make sure you get access to the best talent available.

All of this backed by our 100% money back guarantee.


Ned Dywer

CEO and Founder

Ned Dwyer was running a digital agency in Melbourne when he realized how complicated and expensive it was for small businesses to make their websites better. This became Ned's mission with Elto.This set the stage for what has become Elto.com.

When he’s not working on Elto.com, Ned is enjoying exploring San Francisco and the Bay Area.

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PJ Murray

CTO and Founder

With a background in civil engineering, PJ is a self taught coder who's entrance into the software industry was driven by his interest in startups.

While at ThoughtWorks, a global agile consultancy, PJ was attending local startup events where he met Ned. They hit it off immediately and since PJ has been the brains behind Elto's tech stack.

Interests beyond the computer screen include cycling, snowboarding, live music, and good food.

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Ivan Lim

Head of Marketing

A lover of startups and digital marketing, Ivan has a wealth of experience building businesses from the ground up. He was previously marketing manager at one of Australia’s 100 fastest growing businesses and is also the founder of his own startup.

Outside of work Ivan enjoys spending time with his friends, exercising and consuming peanut butter.

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Jose Lopez

Marketplace Manager

After studying graphic design, marketing, advertising and information technology Jose has been putting theory to test live on the web since 1998.  

At Elto Jose has made it a priority to make our systems more efficient, our communication faster and more accurate and always providing outstanding customer experience. His motto is "Exceed Expectations".


Our International Team


Lina Balciunaite

Project Manager

With a Bachelors of Multimedia Design and several years experience as both a project manager and freelance web designer, Lina is an asset to the Elto team.

A passionate traveller, Lina currently lives and works from Porto, Portugal.


Pedro Bre

Shopify Developer

Pedro has worked in web development for over 8 years and has a deep understanding of best practices with a specific focus on Shopify and front-end development.

Pedro is based in Oporto, Portugal.


Juan Cortez

Project Manager

After studying graphic designer Juan quickly swapped over to working on the web. 10 years later he has joined the team at Elto as a Project Manager.

Juan is based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Metodi Kolev

WordPress Developer

With more than 10 years of experience in web design and development, Metodi is one of our top developers working on special projects in the marketplace.

Metodi is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Juan Lopez

Project Manager

With a background in recruitment and project management Juan Lopez plays an important role in the Elto project management team.

Juan is based in Medellin, Colombia with his young family.


Nelson Martinez

Customer Support

With several years experience as a web developer and designer Nelson has joined Elto to keep our customers happy around the world.

Nelson lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic with his family.


Luke Pickett

Project Manager

Born in Melbourne, Australia, and now hailing from Canada, Luke has worked for over five years as a freelance developer focusing on WordPress.

Luke Pickett lives in Calgary, Canada.


Anibal Santos

Customer Support

Starting his career as a lawyer, Anibal soon gravitated towards web development and design. Anibal is currently our most senior project manager.

Anibal is based in Lisbon, Portugal


Abhishek Sarkar

Customer Support

With a background in Civil Engineering, Abhishek found his passion in web development and now as a project manager at Elto.com.

Abhishek is based in New Delhi, India

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