Technical SEO Audit to increase website traffic

Does your website need an SEO boost? Do you understand the issues hindering your website’s SEO performance?

If you’re investing time into search engine traffic you need to understand how well optimized the technical aspects of your site are.

Most website owners look over technical issues because they don’t understand it, leaving their site performing less than it’s true potential.

Thankfully this Website SEO Audit will crawl your entire site, highlight issues with explanations and provide solutions for getting your search engine marketing efforts back on track.

If you don’t have a web developer background this audit will help you master technical SEO so you can focus on producing great content, building links and growing traffic.

What can I expect?

  • Excel Spreadsheet of Issues
  • Explanation of importance and fixes for each issue
  • Advice on Suggest Plugins and Tools
  • Full Crawl of Website

About Luke Masters

Luke is an experienced SEO with a long history working with both agencies and in-house teams.

He has carried out SEO work for a wide range of websites inluding a number of UK universities and several leading publication houses.

SEO is a passion of Luke's and he brings over 5 years of industry experience to every client. He has a strong ability to quickly identify weak points in a website's SEO performance and lay out a plan for optimization.

Luke is currently working at his own London based digital consultancy and servicing a wide range of global clients. Their services relate to SEO, eCommerce and web development as well as online marketing.


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Luke Masters

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