Setup Google Apps for your business

Want all the power of Gmail, shared calendars and cloud file storage in your business for just $5 a month?

Google Apps is an incredible product from Google that makes it easy for any business to manage their email and online file storage.

Gone are the days of expensive software like Microsoft Outlook.

With the power of shared calendars, and a vibrant marketplace of additional plugins to enhance your capabilities, Google Apps will grow with your business.

It allows you to have custom email addresses for your staff and departments as well as store your essential files online.

Because it’s in the cloud you can access it anywhere in the world straight from your browser.

Starting at just $5 per month you get enterprise-grade business tools.

Let Elto setup your Google Apps account, including creating your email addresses, setting up relevant mailing lists and verifying your domain name.

What can I expect?

  • Create Google Apps Account
  • Setup up to 10 email addresses
  • Setup custom mailing lists
  • Verify Domain Name

About Murshed Ahmmad Khan

I served as head of development in Somewhere in... Net Ltd. ( for more than 7 years building some high traffic social community sites,, etc and working with clients in Europe. Now I'm a freelance technology consultant providing services mainly in LAMP stack.

I'm regular in twitter (@usamurai) than blogging. If I want to describe myself, in a brief, I'm:

Die hard coder, Unix passionate, Open source enthusiast, Localization guru, Bug hunter, PHP Ninja, Apache-Solr ecosystem expert, Web geek, Language Agnostic.

The wounded coder, determined not to stop before killing all bugs!! The samurai, bug hunter willing to create a bug free world for all humans!!

Great Team player (always watch & cover the back of others)
Extra Patience (to dig the root of every single bugs)
Ultra Passionate (caring about the products I built)
Perfectionist, Proactive, Collaborative, Good listener, Observer, Thinker, thoughtful to serve the better, best, awesome user experience for all netizens.

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Murshed Ahmmad Khan

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It was liberating to be able to access such fast and excellent service. I will not tell my colleagues about Elto (because I want to keep it to myself!)

By Bill Doogue


Super happy with my changes. And my developer was so speedy! Thanks a ton for helping me with my website. Great experience!

By Shanon Doolittle


Easy to deal with, delivered exactly as requested.

By Robert Sturt