Google Remarketing Setup - Win Back Lost Customers

Retargeting is a powerful tool that uses online ads to target visitors who leave your website without converting into a customer.

For example, an Ecommerce store can retarget visitors who place a product in their shopping cart but don’t buy. When that visitor leaves and watches a YouTube video they see an ad offering free express shipping if they buy right now.

The same applies for websites where visitors never complete a quote request or contact form. All of the top startups and consumer marketing companies in the world are using this tool to re-engage visitors, bring them back into the buying funnel and become customers.

Retargeting works by installing a cookie on a visitor’s browser when they visit your website. If they leave your site without converting they see ads that remind them about your website. Ads could contain a special coupon or an announcement that the special price expires tonight. The options are endless.

The best part is that you can set up different ads to target different visitors by the exact page they visited. For instance visitors to a running shoes page will get ads containing running shoes while anyone visiting the high heels category will get a different ad.

Almost any business, whether you’re an Ecommerce site, brochure site or startup has something to benefit from retargeting. There is no better tool that remarketing to grow brand awareness on a small budget.

Let our in-house expert Ivan Lim setup your first remarketing campaign.

What can I expect?

  • 20 min consultation call with Bogdan
  • Setup Retargeting Pixel on Site
  • Create campaign based on agreed customer group
  • Post Campaign review - 14 days

About Bogdan

Bogdan is an Google AdWords Certified Professional, PPC gun and all round Analytics Guru.

He has an enviable track record of establishing, managing and optimizing PPC campaigns for clients around the world since 2007.

Bogdan is currently a partner at Adfix - a digital marketing agency & AdWords Certified Partner.


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