Grow Your Email Subscriber List

Email addresses of potential customers are incredibly valuable.

They’re a direct line into the inbox – the hearts and minds – of prospective customers and an incredibly powerful marketing tool for increasing sales.

This simple tool, which hasn’t changed a lot since it was invented over 30 years ago, is capable of driving more quality leads than any other channel.

So how do you get customer, and prospective customer, email addresses to send them relevant offers?

There are three main ways:

1. The email subscription bar

An email subscription form in your sidebar is ok but it’s not going to win any Conversion Awards at the ROI Olympics.

If you really want to drive growth add an email subscription form to your header bar so it’s at the top of your page – the first thing your customers look at on your website. Better still, make it a fixed header so that it scrolls with the customer and it will never be out of site.

This is exactly how we helped Steve Sammartino from digital agency Grey Melbourne to increase his email conversions by 400%.

2. The email popup

Email popups can be obnoxious. You don’t want to be asking every visitor for their email every time they refresh your site.

But they can also be powerful in the right hands.

A great email popup only displays for highly engaged users, when they’re engaged (e.g viewed more than 3 pages on your site) and it appears only once.

3. Every single post

When you write a blog post and share it to your personal networks it’s going to get some traffic.

If it’s great content, people will share it.

But when they get to the bottom of your blog post, what do they do?

You need to give them a call to action. And your call to action should be: “Sign up to my email newsletter to get more great content like this in your inbox.”

If you’re not already using email newsletters to re-market to customers then you really need to be. It should be the foundation of your marketing strategy.

Either way, capturing email addresses will help you gain more customers, stop the leaks in your funnel and improve sales.

What can I expect?

  • Setup email subscription box on every post
  • Setup MailChimp / Campaign Monitor list
  • Create fixed email header
  • Create email subscription popup box and set triggers

About Metodi Kolev

Metodi has been interested in computers for 20 years and is developing and designing websites for 10 - working with all kind of companies around the world.

He has a rich experience in many fields in computers, web development, graphical design, etc.

Metodi is now an internal developer here at Elto tasked with ensuring projects go as smooth as possible from start to finish.


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