Convert PSD to Squarespace template

Want to give your Squarespace website a custom design?

Gone are the days of being limited to minimal drag and drop customizations for your Squarespace design. With the release of version 6 you can now create a fully custom Squarespace website from a PSD design.

The introduction of developer templates gives you access to all underlying code to to implement your custom designs. Now you can marry the powerful features of Squarespace with the flexibility of creating your own custom design.

*Here at Elto we can help you convert your PSD design into a Squarespace template complete with editable areas to insert content and widgets.

With smartphone usage increasing we’ll also create a responsive version of your website so that it shows clearly in mobile devices.*

Get your custom PSD design implemented onto Squarespace today. Say hello to your dream website.

What can I expect?

  • Conversion of PSD to HTML
  • HTML/CSS compliant Squarespace template
  • Editable Template Areas for content of widgets
  • Responsive version of site

About Antonio Vargas

Antonio Vargas is Shopify guru and expert in PHP 4/5 language. He been with since 2012, and has all the experience needed to get small or big projects done on time.

Antonio Vargas loves web development and programming more then the average developer. No jokes here! 200+ reviews is our proof of Antonio Vargas's of his talent and passionate developer!

Hire me for your next project and I will take your website or business to the next level!

Skills: PHP 4/5, JQuery, Javascript, C#, .NET,, Ruby, HTML 4/5, CSS, SQL, MYSQL, Liquid

Platforms: Magento, Shopify, Wordpress, Tumblr, BigCommerce, and more!

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Antonio Vargas

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It was liberating to be able to access such fast and excellent service. I will not tell my colleagues about Elto (because I want to keep it to myself!)

By Bill Doogue


Super happy with my changes. And my developer was so speedy! Thanks a ton for helping me with my website. Great experience!

By Shanon Doolittle


Easy to deal with, delivered exactly as requested.

By Robert Sturt