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Tweaky Non Profit Program

Today we’re delighted to announce an initiative we’re particularly excited about, the Tweaky Non Profit Program.

The work of Non Profits is something close to the hearts of everyone here at Tweaky with many of us knowing at least one friend whose founded or working in one.

We’ve heard first hand how challenging it all can be due to limited resources and funds.

Our team has always believed that Tweaky is an ideal platform for Non Profits but we’ve also recognised that tight budgets mean every little bit helps. So starting today registered Non Profits worldwide will receive 20% off their Tweaky projects.

Use code TWKNPT when submitting a project and include proof of your Non Profit status. Once you’re verified as a Non Profit we’ll approve the 20% discount on your project. Go forth social entrepreneurs!

Currently the Tweaky Non Profit program only applies to custom Tweaky projects and does not cover Tweaky Service Bundles


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