how to seo optimize your ecommerce page titles

Quick Tips : SEO optimize your Ecommerce Page Titles

If you are running an ecommerce store the title of your category and brand pages carry 3 times more SEO importance than any other on-page content factors (H1 tags, image alt text etc).

Here is what you can do to take advantage of it:

  • Fire up the Google keyword suggestion tool. Here is the link:‎
  • Enter your category name in the “word or phrase” box (e.g nike sports shoes, dining table sets)
  • Set your locations and language to your target region.
  • On the left hand menu select {exact} in the match types.
  • Select “one keyword” with relatively high traffic and low competition.
  • And, finally, change your title so that it begins with this exact keyword.

For added advantage: enter a variation of this keyword in your H1 tag and URL as well as mention variations of the keyword 2-3 times in the category content description.

  • Track search rankings and traffic for all the category / brand pages you tweaked. Do this over a period of 2-4 weeks.

What other on page SEO tactics do you use? Any other SEO questions you’d like answered? Share with us below. 

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