How to share your Google Analytics account

We often get people to share their Google Analytics accounts with us so we can see how people are finding and using their site. We take this information to help people work out where to focus their marketing efforts: whether it’s on increasing traffic, driving conversions or growing revenue.

So here is my short explanation on how to do this to make life easier.

1. Login to Google Analytics
Go to and login with your account. I am assuming that you already have Google Analytics setup.

2. Click on the website that you want to share with us
I’ve hidden all the details apart from the URL.

3. Click on the Admin button
This is where you can edit who can access your site.

4. Click on “User management”

5. Enter the email address
Enter the email address for the person you want to share with. It doesn’t need to be a Google account. You should also set their permissions. Most times “read and analyze” is fine but if you want us to change anything, add custom reports, add advanced goal tracking etc then we will need “Edit” capabilities.

And that’s how you share Google Analytics with someone who is going to be working on your site.

– Ned

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